A better response to suffering

Unbelievers and skeptics of theism often cite the reality of seemingly gratuitous suffering in the world as grounds for rejecting the notion of a good, all-powerful God. But what if it could be… Continue reading

Image-bearers or beasts?

Clark Beckham. If you don’t know the name already…you likely will. He should have won it, if you ask me, but came in second place on American Idol Wednesday night. This young man… Continue reading

The hope of happiness

In the debate over same-sex marriage and homosexuality, just as in other issues about which people disagree, the answer to one question will mostly determine which side one will support: Or perhaps more… Continue reading

Fatherlessness, and the foibles and faithfulness of females

What a dichotomy in Baltimore. A tale of two women. One, the mayor, speaking to the media after the mobs supposedly protesting the death of a black man in police custody became violent,… Continue reading

The tell-tale evil heart

I’m sure I’m not the only the one to see the irony. A Utah woman gets 30 years to life for killing her six newborns fresh out of the womb, when if she… Continue reading

Obstacles, objections, and obviousness

I’m on a mission…a mission from God. ‘Cause “I have seen the light!” Oh, Jake and Elwood. I hope Jake…John…is still doing backflips on account of he has literally seen THE Light, and… Continue reading

You’re free to practice your religion…as long as you don’t bring God into it.

That’s the message we Christians have been getting lately. Our First Amendment guarantee of “free exercise” is conditional on submission to government-sanctioned ideology…not God. If in obeying him we end up offending someone,… Continue reading

The scandalous cross

This was originally posted last April. It’s like wearing a tiny electric chair on a chain. That’s how a pastor at our church once described the offense of the cross of Jesus Christ.… Continue reading

Who do you say that I am?

Roughly 2,000 years ago a man lived who would change the times and the seasons. No ordinary man, to be sure. In fact, so extraordinary that his life intersects with each one of… Continue reading

Talk about discrimination…

If a person, business, or state government refuses to do business with or in the state of Indiana solely because of its recently signed Religious Freedom Restoration Act, are they not engaging in… Continue reading