Monthly Archive: January, 2015

Heroes among us

Lance Armstrong was recently interviewed by the BBC and though acknowledging some really bad behavior, is still somewhat defiant about his culpability in the doping scandal that resulted in being stripped of his… Continue reading

What the world needs now

This post originally ran on December 31, 2012. Another year in the books and, boy, things just keeps getting better and better, huh? Folks are learning how to get along with each other… Continue reading

Does evil need God?

  “questions about values—about meaning, morality, and life’s larger purpose—are really questions about the well-being of conscious creatures.” – Sam Harris, The Moral Landscape         The moral argument for God’s… Continue reading

Words matter. Listen.

Forty-two years ago today the Supreme Court issued its Roe v. Wade decision, and since then over 53 million babies have been killed in the womb. Baby…or fetus? Kill…or terminate? This is a… Continue reading

God and gratitude

Fellow parents…imagine with me for a minute. You come home from work or shopping with armloads of wonderful and much-desired gifts for your children, anticipating and envisioning squeals of delight and copious displays… Continue reading

Faith and football

Last night’s NFC championship game was a thriller, wasn’t it? The Seattle Seahawks come from behind win over the Green Bay Packers had a lot of exciting and memorable moments…the faked field goal….the… Continue reading

Throwing a fleece

Hey…know what? I used to be famous. Well…sort of…locally, anyway…within a narrow population….of mostly prison inmates….and preadolescent night owls. Maybe famous isn’t quite the right word. I was a late-night disc jockey. It… Continue reading

My testimony

  I love hearing or reading people’s testimonies about how they came to faith in Christ. Especially when it involves kicking and screaming, like C.S. Lewis’s. Or a skeptical but determined investigation, like… Continue reading

Kontemplation is King

(Don’t you hate it when people misspell just to be alliterative?) On the matter of God’s existence, theists and atheists would likely agree that if there is a supreme, supernatural creator, he is… Continue reading

Philosophy rocks

  I phind philosophy phascinating. (Sorry…I couldn’t help myself.) A phield, er…field of study that enables one to acquire and apprehend great and timeless truths from the comfort of one’s recliner. Just by… Continue reading

I’m comfortable with that

I’ve heard people assert that they’re “comfortable” with their religious beliefs. Which is fine, unless that is the primary basis for them. In other words…truth is relatively unimportant; I choose what to believe… Continue reading

Is it wise to deny what we intuitively perceive?

Isn’t it interesting how some truths are just intuitive and any attempt to deny them is easily and summarily rejected? Like the principle of causation…if we find a package on our doorstep we… Continue reading