Monthly Archive: August, 2016

Begging the question

Christianity is ancient history. Well…its beginnings are anyway. Way back in the day before television and the internet a movement that would change the world was born. But that was 2,000 years ago….how… Continue reading

In the name of love

Someone recently accused me of “hating on Catholics.” Ouch. Is that how I come across? I guess I need to reestablish my motivations and again draw clear distinctions between the teachings of the… Continue reading

A Catholic answer to an important question, part 2

    Catholic defenses of their doctrine of salvation typically take one of two tracks: 1) it is not works righteousness at all, or 2) “faith alone” is unscriptural and works are necessary. … Continue reading

A Catholic answer to an important question

Well, I got no takers again. No defense of Catholic doctrine in light of the inconceivably unjust scenario I presented in my previous post. That may say more about the paucity of my… Continue reading

Surely this can’t be right

It’s a Friday in Lent and Pete (not his real name, because he’s not a real person) is out to dinner with his wife at the local pub which caters to the Catholic… Continue reading

Oh, how we need a Savior

I watched “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” the other day, the fictional story of a young son of a Nazi commandant befriending a Jewish boy through the barbed wire of a death… Continue reading

Catholic questions

Question: If we must “cooperate” with God’s grace, how is that not salvation by works? I subscribe to a podcast of a radio program called Catholic Answers Live where frequently the host takes… Continue reading

The defeat of the Justice League

The superpowerhouse members of the Justice League were planning strategy in a super-secluded location. Secluded…but not dark, for from within each of them a glorious, shimmering light radiated warmth, wisdom, and life. As… Continue reading