Extraordinary events require extraordinary evidence

This was a claim made by the 18th century Scottish skeptic David Hume regarding the possibility of determining that a miracle had occurred. He maintained that the evidence we have establishing the laws… Continue reading

One church, two church, old church, new church

“Here’s the church, here’s the steeple. Open the doors and here’s the people.” Slightly ungrammatical, but I believe that’s how I learned the children’s finger game. “Here ARE the people” just doesn’t flow… Continue reading

Conferred authority or commandeered?

In examining the Roman Catholic Church’s claim to be the visible authority of Christ on earth I asked, did Jesus even intend to establish an institutional church with global authority and a governing… Continue reading

Impersonating a rock

If you’ll look right now at the title of my blog (made you look ), you’ll see I’ve subtitled it, “making a defense for the hope that we have,” which is a reference… Continue reading

The Protestant’s dilemma?

When someone tells you you’re in a dilemma, and that’s news to you, you get a little curious. So when I heard about a book called The Protestant’s Dilemma I thought…okay, I’ll bite.… Continue reading

Thank God for salt

Heaven is looking better all the time. Do you know what I mean? The weirder this world gets and the more it is marked by lies, corruption, murder, selfishness and other sundry sins,… Continue reading

Paradoxes, possibilities, and a precious privilege

I don’t have a very good memory of my childhood. I’ll be at a family function and my brother who is just one year younger than me and seems to remember everything will… Continue reading

Insert sappy title here

Appeals to sentimentality and inspirational memes and blog posts rarely attract me enough to cause me to click or read lately. I still haven’t watched the video of the autistic boy at a… Continue reading

I see dead people

I grew up in a funeral home, where on any given day maybe 12 feet away from where my siblings and I were eating, watching TV, doing homework, or arguing about whose turn… Continue reading

Shaking off the dust

Some people think if you’re a follower of Christ you must have the same attitude towards everyone, no matter their attitude towards you or your God…love your enemies, turn the other cheek, and… Continue reading