Monthly Archive: November, 2017

Based on a true story

I don’t watch many films but when I choose to see one it’s likely because it depicts actual historical events…Apollo 13, Schindler’s List, Bridge of Spies, Hidden Figures. I don’t care much for… Continue reading

Sugar daddy Santa

It’s just my opinion, but it’s not just MY opinion. There are other rebellious ones like me who think frauds like Santa Claus should be exposed. Oh, the deceit. Here’s my anti-Santa post… Continue reading

On suffering, Job, and the goodness of God, Part 2

Please see yesterday’s post for Part 1. I believe God’s removal of his protection and blessing from Job was, among other things, a test to expose and prove the genuineness of his faith… Continue reading

On suffering, Job, and the goodness of God, Part 1

Last week I wrote on the objection to God’s existence based on the reality of pain and suffering and included two excellent videos which answer the objection well. You can watch those here.… Continue reading

My left hip

When my two sons left me for other women – and what exceptionally wonderful women my daughters-in-law are – I wanted to “release” them with a full heart in a way that would… Continue reading

The problem of suffering, objectively speaking

“Let’s be objective,” is a recommendation a mediator might make to opposing parties, or a father to a child who feels she’s been wronged. Objectivity is the perspective which allows one to evaluate… Continue reading