Monthly Archive: October, 2022

Parents practice this prayer principle

If we had good parents, and/or are good parents, we’ve experienced this. When a child asks for something special, his or her behavior factors into whether or not the something is given. You… Continue reading

Some possibly true positions on prayer

A note to the reader as I continue my series on prayer: I could be wrong. Shocking, I know. I’ve been pondering problems with prayer, praying for perspicacity, and putting my presumptions into… Continue reading

A particularly powerful problem

I have to believe that prayer is not meant to be problematic. No passage in the Bible that I can think of suggests that it is. And I am not suggesting that everyone… Continue reading

Even more problems

Many Christians have at least one story of how God answered prayer for them. I have a pretty cool one that I shared a number of years ago. You can find it here.… Continue reading