Oh, not another blogger

Who am I to think that anyone should pay attention to what I have to say? That’s the gnawing thought that overtakes me most every time I sit down to write. Well, I’m nobody really, but God can use even me to shine a light that helps other see.

I’m not particularly smart, not particularly well-read, not terribly creative. But God seems to have gifted me with some good, old common sense that goes a long way in discerning right from wrong, good from bad. And because of my love for and attention to His Word, He has given me a certain measure of understanding that I know He means for me to share.

My goal for this blog is to give the reader something to think about as I present my perspective on cultural and social issues, current events, faith and politics, all seen through the lens of a biblical, Christian faith. And also to encourage some open, honest, and friendly debate.

My other goal is to still have an active blog way past the 48 hours during which I can cancel my subscription. I hope you’ll read often and consider commenting, ’cause that would really be a big help. 🙂