Would Jesus call Bill Maher an ass?

Only if donkeys were taxis, I suppose. I don’t have to wonder if I would. I already have, numerous times.

Now, notice I didn’t ask if Jesus would identify Bill Maher as an ass, just whether He would express it. But I guess my real query is, what is Jesus’ attitude towards him and so, what should mine be?

Bill Maher is one of, if not the most virulent, degrading, vulgar, anti-Christian atheist I know of. His multiple forums allow him many opportunities to unashamedly lambaste Christians as well as others who stand for moral values. And, boy, does he. I’m sure some of it is deserved, but much is it is not, like his vulgar tweets about Tim Tebow this past football season.

So, according to my definition of the term, Maher is definitely an ass. But he’s also my enemy, and Jesus did say to love our enemies. But what if my enemy is an ass?

Okay. I’m obviously resisting the promptings of the Spirit to love even Bill Maher. As I pondered my question I asked myself, is there any passage in the Bible describing how Jesus responded to a character like him? I remembered that Jesus reserved most of His rebukes for the “religious” authorities of His day. I can’t really place Maher in that category, which is disappointing because I was hoping to have Christ-like precedence for putting him in his place.

Then I recalled a situation and a group of folks that pretty closely resemble Maher in his virulence and hatred. These men did not fear nor even believe in God, they were cruel and sadistic, and they loved making sport of Christians. And Jesus asked His Father to forgive them. While He was dying for them.

Hmmm. If this was Jesus’ attitude towards the Roman soldiers who mocked, tortured, and spit on Him, should mine be any less towards Bill Maher?

Stink. I set out to write a post confirming my contention that Jesus would be at the ready with barbs of His own for the crude and satirical comedian, and instead got convicted of my own former enemy status before God, and of His loving compassion towards me that He extends to even this God-hater. And which I am called on to extend as well.

This is not going to be easy.