We are not beasts

I offer up this post, written eight years ago, as a prayer for our young people today, that God will reveal Himself and His love in such a way that they will not degrade themselves in search of acceptance and affirmation.

I don’t buy the theory of evolution, but I might support a theory of devolution that says humans are degenerating into animals.

We’ve seen the indiscriminate way animals copulate, i.e. the dog humping the male dog next door, or its owner’s knee.  We’ve heard the caterwauling outside the window in the middle of the night as the neighborhood toms take their turns.  When are we going to see what’s becoming of our own species as sexual mores are reduced to preferences and personal freedoms?

Case in point:  the South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting a new “trend” among teen girls and it has nothing to do with makeup or fashion.  It’s “bisexual chic”, a la Madonna and Britney, and “it’s a countrywide thing,” says a homosexual website spokesperson.  Teenage girls are engaging in homosexual behavior at parties and on the dance floor, as their boyfriends and other pornography-primed males salivate and goad them on.  Is that caterwauling the neighbors hear?

And in this age of permissive premarital sex, if the girls are lip-locking in front of a whole group of their friends, what do you suppose they’re doing with each other and one or more guys in the bedroom upstairs?  As one senior quoted in the Sun-Sentinel article said, “Nobody’s parents know, and if they think they know, they really don’t know.”

Or don’t want to know.  Who wants to be confronted with survey results that show “as many as half of teens ages 13 to 19 say they have had oral sex,” according to U.S.News and World Report?  And that nearly 10 percent of children under age 13 have already lost their virginity, and 16 percent of high school sophomores have had four or more sexual partners?

Humans are sexual creatures, just like dogs and cats.  But what sets us apart from animals is that we have the ability to control our sexual urges according to the dictates of morality and our consciences.  Our urges do not control us, as if we were cats in heat.  We can choose when to engage in sex and with whom.  We can even choose to explore sexual activity with members of the same sex and find that physical arousal is possible that way because both males and females have a brain, which is the primary sex organ.

So, it’s no surprise that teenage girls are flirting with bisexuality now that homosexual behavior has become so destigmatized and held up as a normal, healthy option.  We can expect an increasing number of teens and adults declaring themselves bisexual or homosexual, not because they were born that way but because the option is now open to them.

Whereas we previously promoted a moral standard of one man and one woman for life (a lifestyle, by the way, we admire in Canadian geese), we now have an “anything goes” morality, a $10 billion pornography industry, and federally-subsidized Planned Parenthood giving how-tos on all kinds of sex acts on their Teenwire website.

Do we really want to be no more noble than the beasts?