God control

Where is God?! Where was he when innocent children were being ruthlessly slaughtered in Connecticut? Surely if God is yet alive, or even ever existed, he would have prevented a deeply troubled young man from opening fire on a classroom of kindergarteners.

These are some of the questions and conclusions being angrily made all over the country today. I had very similar questions when I heard the newhate gods, and came to a very similar conclusion as well, and not without anger. But my anger was not directed at God but at his willfully blind creatures who have deemed him as unworthy of anything but blame. Yes, God would have prevented Adam Lanza from killing 26 innocent people as well as himself, if the boy had submitted his life to his Creator and received his love and salvation.

How many true believers do you suppose have ever been found shooting rounds of ammunition into the bodies of helpless 5-year olds? How many humble, God-fearing men or women, boys or girls, plot murder and mayhem that destroy the lives of dozens of innocents they don’t even know?

President Obama, as well as others, referenced the rash of mass shootings in this year alone. Many are looking to gun control as the solution, and I’m sure that will be the focus of the national conversation regarding this tragedy in the coming months. But I know, and you can deride me or think me ignorant…I don’t care, I know that what this country needs to protect its innocent is a citizenry that acknowledges and submits to God. And if in our entertainment media, our schools, our government and our conversation we proclaimed and honored him instead of rejecting and mocking him, we would foster faith and trust in the one who alone is truly good, and who makes us good by giving us his Spirit.

Goodness is what this country needs…not more government. Or perhaps, true government…of the one who is Truth.