Equal rights for adulterers

unequalEqual does not equal equal. Let me break that down. Equality in worth does not translate to equality in opportunity, nor in rights. For example: non-citizens can’t vote; my 30-year old son can’t run for president; a convicted felon can’t own a gun. And a man with one wife is at his limit.

But suppose said married man falls in love with another woman, but doesn’t want to divorce his wife. He wants to be married to both, but the law says no more than one at a time. Unfair! he claims. We love each other – you must have something against love. My wife doesn’t really seem to mind…we’re all adults. What’s the problem? I have the right to marry whomever I want, just like anybody else.

You see where I’m going with this. The argument for same-sex marriage says that denying that right to gays is discriminatory and unfair. No…it’s not. No more than denying the right to have multiple spouses, have sex with a ten-year old, or marry your mother. Equal worth does not mandate equal opportunities.

Laws that limit marriage to one man and one woman are written as safeguards and buttresses for the protection and support of the traditional family unit that is so essential to a stable society. I’ve written some here about why it deserves protection, and here’s a link to an excellent defense of that position.

No one is trying to stop gays from setting up house together. But redefining marriage should absolutely be off the table. Why are gay rights advocates insisting on it? I believe the primary reason is that only then will they feel that their lifestyle has legitimacy and acceptance. And that’s what they want more than the tax, healthcare or visitation benefits.

But legitimizing homosexuality by redefining marriage will inevitably result in my right to religious freedom being infringed on, as I will be forced to condone (or at least not oppose) and help support a lifestyle that I believe is a sin. Just as normalizing and destigmatizing polygamy would. I am NOT saying I’m less of a sinner than your average, law-abiding homosexual. I AM saying that redefining marriage and sin is like introducing an indestructible killer virus into society.

Are you ready for same-sex marriage to be forced on you? Are you okay with sharing your spouse? Polygamy is almost certainly next in line to be demanded as a human right. What defense would we have for prohibiting it once the traditional family unit is debased?