Turn that frown upside-down

Thanksgiving’s coming, and friends on Facebook are committing to posting what they’re thankful for every day this month. I’m a pretty grateful type so I considered doing that. But then I thought…eh.

not smiling

I’m smiling on the inside.

What’s more of a challenge for me is to smile every day in my gratefulness. Being thankful doesn’t necessarily result in a cheerful, positive attitude. I enjoy a good laugh and I do have a sense of humor, but I’m pretty much the serious type. My mouth naturally turns down at the corners, and my mind naturally turns to the weightier matters of life. There’s so much sadness, sickness, pain and suffering…deception, evil, falsehoods and sin. How can anybody smile when you think about all that’s wrong in the world?

Don’t think about it, I guess. Or….pray, give, love, and tell people about Jesus. He’s the one who can heal, forgive, and make everything right. Trust in him, know that he has everything in his hands, and then enjoy the life he gave me.

And smile, even when I have to fake it. It really does make you feel better. Maybe actually watch those cutesy videos friends post on Facebook. Perhaps I resist clicking on them because I know it will make me smile and that seems disingenuous when my mind and heart are stuck in serious city. Sin city. Suffering city. Slaughterous, satanic, sex-trafficking young girls and boys city.


Let me see those kittens.

I did not get my siblings' permission to post this group photo.

I did not get my siblings’ permission to post this group photo.

But seeing their smiling faces makes me smile. 🙂