Prepare to be amazed

Since mankind has existed, looking up was a humbling experience. Beholding the sun, moon, and stars suspended in space, even before we knew how vast the observable universe is, gave evidence that there is something outside of ourselves that is so much greater. “By my own hands and brainpower these great lights in the sky came into being,” said no man or woman ever.eye of God copy

With the limited tools available to our ancestors, the earth, sun, moon and stars were the observable universe. And though for some of those early humans the heavenly bodies themselves were credited with that greatness and power and were worshiped accordingly, for others the primordially intuitive Law of Causality led to the reasonable conclusion that a supremely great Being exists apart from the heavenly bodies which brought them into existence. And they believed in him as Creator God.

Over the centuries as man’s knowledge of himself, the world, and the cosmos increased, our greater understanding engendered pride and a temptation to consider the possibility that no God was involved. But just as the limits of our knowledge are constantly being pushed and expanded, so too is the realization that there’s so much more to know…and that the universe is so much bigger than we thought. And bigger than we can observe, or ever observe, because the expanse is so incomprehensibly great as to be beyond reach of any kind.

It seems God reveals enough of himself through Creation to provoke awe and stimulate investigation, and when we have sufficiently apprehended these realities so that they become almost blasé, he reveals more. He ensures that scientists have increasingly more sophisticated and precise tools so that they discover new realities previously hidden…jaw-dropping wonders in the microscopic biosphere like the unimaginable complexity of a single cell, and in the macroscopic cosmos like the equally unimaginable expanse of the universe and its incredible fine-tuning for life.

just-one-black-ball-backgroundWhat early star-gazers did not and could not have known is that there are multiple constants and quantities in the universe so finely-tuned to allow for life that the probability of them all existing by chance is 1 in 10138. That’s an incomprehensible number, virtually equal to zero. William Lane Craig likens it to a lottery drawing where the one black ball among billions and billions of white balls is selected…five times in a row.

Would you like to know what physicists like Stephen Hawking and Paul Davies have to say about the fine-tuning of the universe? Watch this short but excellent video from Craig’s organization Reasonable Faith. And prepare to be amazed.