No justice, no God

Many of my siblings and their families will be hanging out at our place this weekend. We have an annual reunion that my husband and I are blessed to be able to host and it’s great fun. When we kidsstopfighting636_0were all much younger my siblings and I shared living space every day but that was usually not so much fun. Fights regularly broke out over who was not doing their share of the work or took something that didn’t belong to them or got a bigger piece of cake. “That’s not fair!” was an oft-heard refrain.

We seem to have an innate sense of justice and fair play that presents itself at a very early age and which, I believe, is evidence that we are not just an uncreated happenstance of purpose-lacking time and chance [yes, I know I just used that expression last time, but I like it and it’s my blog and you’re not my mother, you can’t tell me what to do…so there]. Whoa…slipped into a little finite regress there.

If we are all simply the product of random mutations and natural selection, a soulless though highly-evolved and exquisite assemblage of matter and energy dancing to our DNA, as Richard Dawkins believes, why do we even have this instinctive awareness of justice? Why should fairness matter?

Judges-gavelBut it does matter and we do instinctively apprehend an objective reality that seems to require that we all treat each other fairly and demands that those who fail to do so suffer the consequences. Our justice system is founded on more than arbitrary rules instituted to keep the peace and protect citizens. It originates in a tangible, insistent, shared concept of real justice that inescapably bears on each one of us.

Only theism can adequately account for this. If we are merely the product of blind, natural processes, determined to gyrate to our genes and lacking free will, there is no overarching requirement of impartiality and equity and no guilt that can be laid for any perceived misdeed.

And only Christianity has the solution for the injustices that our shared history is riddled with, and the guilt that our personal history is marked by. The God of the Bible in the person of Jesus Christ will ultimately ensure perfect justice for the wicked and unrepentant, and has ensured perfect atonement for those who believe and trust in him.

Hitler, Stalin, and every Muslim terrorist has or will receive his just due. We instinctively know they should. Only a Christian worldview can affirm that they do.