Evidence or pride?

If you, like I, believe that for a good many atheists it’s not a lack of evidence that motivates their lack of faith but rather an unwillingness to submit to God, you’ll appreciate this video clip.

Dan Barker

Dan Barker

Dan Barker is co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation and a well-known atheist activist. Formerly a Christian minister and musician, Barker eventually “just lost faith in faith.” He has written books and songs about atheism and has presented the argument against God in numerous debates.

In this recent debate sponsored by The Bible and Beer Consortium between Barker and Dr. Justin Bass, Barker gives what I think is a pretty clear window into his soul in his closing remarks, admitting that even if Christianity is true and Jesus really is the Son of God “that does not mean that he is my lord.” He still would not submit to him but would “go happily to Hell.”

Though his opponent describes him as kind and brilliant, Barker’s passionate pride and defiance  are what come through most plainly as he wraps up his argument (which was very weak, but that’s for another post). He asserts that having to submit to God is “horribly insulting” and equates his rejection of him with the “proudly rebellious” American colonists who “kicked out the sovereign” and won our independence.

His most telling statement is perhaps when he said that even if there is a God, “I would still reject that being as a lord of my life, ‘cause I’m better than that.” It’s pride and rebellion, not a rational assessment of the evidence, that has led Dan Barker out of Christianity and into a life actively promoting atheism. It’s a stubborn insistence that he’s not a “childish toddler” that “needs to have some lord.”

Have a look and listen for an honest testimony from one prominent atheist on why he rejects God. His closing remarks begin about halfway through this clip at 6:50.