Danger ahead

Pfeil_DangerI sometimes wonder how others see the world…in particular those who are ideologically and politically on the opposite side of the spectrum from me. Are they as concerned as I am about the future, though for different reasons? Or are they pleased and optimistic about the trajectory of the United States in this the second decade of the 21st century?

Eighty years ago some Volk in Germany had the wisdom and vision to see through Adolf Hitler’s power-play posturing, but many more were taken in by his deception…mistakenly thinking him to be one who would restore Germany to a place of honor and prosperity. I’m sure many of them were in fact pleased and optimistic about the future of their country at the time. How might their now history have been different if while it was still their future the wise and astute among them had succeeded in opening the eyes of the others to the evil in their present, and the danger ahead.

Unfortunately, prophets are often ridiculed or ignored, especially when they’re just ordinary folk…your next-door neighbor, a family member, a run-of-the-mill blogger with a few hundred followers. Jesus himself was scorned and dismissed by his Nazarene neighbors and said, “Truly I say to you, no prophet is welcome in his hometown.” Luke 4:24

Those of us who champion truth and shine a light on practices, ideologies, or teachings that we believe are false and/or immoral have more in mind than merely correcting or cleaning up the current environment and culture. We see the future. Oh, we don’t see it like God sees it…we don’t know for certain what it holds. But because we know God and trust in his word, including what he has foretold, and we have the evidence in history of how countries and empires decline and fall when God and his word are denied, diminished, or ignored, we can confidently deduce the future destination of a present trajectory, unless it is altered.

I fear for my country. We once were great and feared by other countries, largely because we stood on a foundation of Christian values and beliefs. Now those values and beliefs are increasingly being ridiculed and abandoned, and I know that if we don’t protect and rebuild our foundation we will suffer dire consequences.

Ravi Zacharias is a prophet for our times who has seen and heard first-hand the results of opposing or denying God and his ways as he has travelled around the globe speaking to world leaders, university students and professors, and average believers and skeptics. He says that, “other countries have seen through [our] hollowness, and what was once a respected nation is now viewed as a valueless paper machine sinking because it has lost its faith and values. They know it. They say it. They remind us of the emptiness of freedom without responsibility. We are too blind to admit that our gradual collapse has come walking in lockstep with our irreligious handmaiden, toward our disintegration.”

Our blindness is not irreversible. That’s why I, and others like me, speak out. But it requires the touch of the Master Healer. When anyone humbles himself or herself and turns to Jesus Christ, they are given new sight as well as new life. We who were once blind now see, because of the amazing grace of God. And because we see, God gives us the charge of conveying to those still blind what dangers await them ahead.