Wow! What a transformation!

The other day I was talking with a family friend and wait till you read what happened! I can hardly believe it myself! Scroll below to find out!Surprised_eyes._


Sorry about the histrionics. It’s hard to get people’s attention lately unless you tease them with a promise of something incredibly amazing that will just make their day. Do you know what would make my day? If I could contribute to getting one person to see the truth about human life, and what’s really going on when that life is ended in abortion.

Stay with me please…don’t click out. How can we claim that our “pro-” is what all should be “pro” unless we are willing to honestly consider all the facts, including ones that are “con” to our position? Unless we are unafraid to embrace the truth even when it’s prickly and ugly and doesn’t support our personal preferences?

Are you brave enough to look at images of tiny babies…I mean, “products of conception,” after they have become products of abortion? If you are, click here. But, believe me, it won’t make your day.

The ugly truth is that abortion kills a life…a helpless, innocent, very young life…a baby. The uglier lie is that this life is not human until birth…until it is expelled from the womb and takes its first breath. If it is allowed to. This is the lie my friend said he has believed all his life, but he also said he never really gave it much thought. Something unusual, for me anyway, did happen when this lie reared its ugly head as we were discussing the impending birth of my fourth grandchild. I became very loud and animated. How could he, an intelligent man, blindly accept such an outlandish claim that has such far-reaching implications, without even thinking about it?

And I asked him, in an uncharacteristically unrestrained way…what is it then?

What is it? If the unborn living, growing, feeling being within a human woman’s womb is not human…what is it? In my previous post I referenced an organization that makes this claim in its effort to promote “abortion on demand and without apology.” You can view their entire propaganda sheet here, and be “properly” informed on human reproduction and biology with claims such as:

  1. A fetus is not yet a human being. It is nothing but a clump of cells…
  2. [The fetus] is no more an independent human being than any other organ or part of a woman’s body. (even though half the time it is male)
  3. It is not a human being until it is born, and takes its first breath.

life-coverSo…a change in location and respiration magically transforms, in a matter of minutes, a “clump of cells” that looks surprisingly like an infant human being into an actual infant human being. That IS truly amazing. I think I’ll share this with all my friends so they can have their day likewise made by the revelation of this marvel of nature.

Many abortion proponents do not assent to this description of the unborn being within the womb. They recognize that it’s human but still want to deny its right to be protected until that change in location and respiration occurs. Effectively taking the more radical position of infanticide. Yes, it’s a human child…yes, it is living, growing, and feeling…yes, within a few short weeks or minutes it will be breathing and crying. But until that “miraculous” moment, if it’s unwanted it can be killed.

Unfortunately, this is not that radical of a position today. In every city across the country you can find ordinary women saying  that, “Women need access to abortion under any circumstance.” Translation: Abortion on demand and without apology.