Wireless communication of a different sort

I have an invisible friend. Some would say imaginary. That’s okay, I get that. It’s reasonable to withhold belief in something or someone you can’t see. Unless…

Unless that something or someone has left evidence. My friend has.

But still, sometimes when I talk to him I find myself among the skeptical, and I hear the voice of “reason” telling me I’m talking only to myself. And I wonder if the voice could be right.


Are you there, friend? Are you anywhere, friend?

If in those moments of skepticism I considered only what my senses told me, I would believe myself to be very alone indeed. None of my physical senses discerns him. I’m talking into the air and perhaps mentally unstable, the voice suggests.


My husband is gone. Not from this life, but from this house. He’s at work. I don’t see him but I know he exists. Yet this knowledge is not physically discerned but rather based on evidence of his residence in our home and my memory of seeing him here a few hours ago. If I considered only what my senses told me, I would believe myself to be very single indeed.

If I started talking to him now though, I might hear that voice again casting doubt on my sanity. Unless…Asus-PadFone-2-Smartphone

Unless I had a way to communicate with him across the miles invisibly.

Wireless communication still fascinates me.

So everyday we believe in and use something we can’t see. But wireless technology is something we can understand, the voice tells me. Advances in science have allowed us to comprehend and harness the natural world with devices of our own making to accomplish amazing things.

Can you imagine trying to convince a peasant from the Middle Ages that we can talk to someone on the other side of the globe with no physical connection whatsoever? They would think you were mentally unstable.

Aha…some will say. That just testifies to the viability of our theory that future advances in science will provide naturalistic answers to all our questions about the origin of the universe and the emergence of life and the incredible fine-tuning and all of that.

So…if greater knowledge and intelligence make the seemingly impossible possible, what might infinite knowledge and intelligence do? Could it make possible wireless communication of a sort that transcends all physical barriers?

I think so. I know so. I know based on the evidence, like the impossibility of all physical reality coming into existence from nothing, apart from an invisible, all-powerful, non-physical, personal being. Logic is not scientifically discovered and will never be scientifically overruled, no matter how much more knowledge we acquire.

My invisible friend loves me and understands my occasional skepticism. I love him back and I know he knows that. Because I just told him so.