Rogue mothers have no decency

The third infant in three months was thrown to her death from a New York City apartment building yesterday. Well, why not? Six months old, 1 month old, 1 hour old….plus nine months. What’s a few more minutes or months?window30n-1-web

I’ll tell you what’s a few more. Can you imagine the horror of seeing the helpless, innocent little girls and boy broken and bloodied on the sidewalk? So gross and messy. Why didn’t these mothers dispose of their children properly, before anyone had to see them? It’s really quite inconsiderate and irresponsible of them to have disregarded the parameters in place for such a thing, and force innocent adults to have to witness the killing. Deplorable.

Honestly. Don’t these women understand that once their children are individual human beings and no longer part of their body (that’s the miracle of life, don’t you know) that the rest of us can see them, and any harm done to them offends our sensibilities? Those mothers really should be prosecuted for the psychological damage done to all the witnesses on the ground. Oh, and I’m pretty sure the law protects born babies. So…you know…it sucks to be them.

Here’s another thing…throwing a baby from a seventh-story window pretty much guarantees that no body parts will be salvageable for the very worthwhile enterprise of medical research. Think of all the good these mothers could have done if they had only let their friendly, neighborhood abortion clinic do the deed. That way the clinic benefits, science and medical progress benefit, the mothers are freed of the responsibility of another potential child, and no one gets hurt.

But throwing her out a high-rise apartment window? Good grief…she might have landed on someone’s head!

No, it really does make a difference when you kill a child that a whole bunch of people can see. These mothers should have at least had the decency to smother their children in the privacy of their homes.