Please, please, please look…and see

Warning: This post contains a photo of an aborted child.


at 18 weeks

I laid awake in bed last night trying to figure out how to communicate the horror of crushing and tearing little babies to pieces. What can I compare it to, I wondered, so that everyone will recognize it for the evil that it is? And then I thought, what have we become as a society that the mutilation and killing of innocent and helpless little children is not just self-evidently horrendous and wrong? That it even has to be pointed out?

With every new undercover Planned Parenthood video that is released come accusations of laws broken by the abortion giant…the selling of body parts, the altering of the procedure for the purpose of harvesting those parts, partial-birth abortions. And I understand why that’s the focus, because abortion itself, at least currently, is legal, and the pro-life offensive (in the defense of the innocent) is fought on multiple fronts, exposing the illegalities of some abortion providers being just one of them.

But hopefully, as abortion rights supporters (those that have the courage to watch the videos) listen to the cold, callous, business-like remarks of the abortionists as they talk about crushing different parts of the baby or removing limbs, they’ll begin to feel a little uneasy. And they won’t squelch or ignore that gnawing sense that there is something very wrong with that. How can there not be?

Well, there are ways that the brutal dismembering and crushing of babies’ bodies can be something other than heartless, barbarous, premeditated murder. But they depend on blindly believing obvious lies. Like this one: that the mass of organs, muscle, bones, blood and skin is not human (like maybe zombies, huh?). But contrary to Bill Nye The Science Guy’s pompous and erroneous claim, human life begins at fertilization and it’s a human life for the duration. Unless an abortionist interferes…and then it’s a human death.

Or if this living, growing being with its own unique human DNA is viewed as merely worthless, disposable, unwanted, female (because it’s her body) tissue…like the placenta that feeds it. Or an appendix. Really? Does anybody really believe that?


Credit: ClinicQuotes

If these little bodies that are being savagely ripped apart…

Let that sink in for a minute…

If these are helpless, innocent human children having their skulls crushed or their brains sucked out, their arms and legs torn or snipped off…

…then what the hell are we doing? And what in heaven have we become?

God forgive us. And God help us.