What if? A Christmas reflection


What if nothing and no one spoke into the voidmaxresdefault

No singular move of intent

No reason, no purpose, no call into being

No deliberate creative event


What if?


What if each tiny quark was left to itself

Every protein unguided and free

No blueprint, no builder, true randomness reigning

A directionless, turbulent sea


What if?


What if man was unfettered, a law to himself

And everyone’s law was his own

No standard, no ruler, no ultimate judge

No wrong for which one must atonetumblr_lwr8nmfHdS1qkynm4


What if?


What if all of our wrongs left us guilty and damned

No recourse except that we pay

No savior, no substitute, no Lamb of God

What if Christmas was no special day?