The gangster’s girlfriend

Since Super Tuesday will come and go before I finish my series on barriers, I interrupt it for this “special report.”

Well, I think I understand now, but the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency doesn’t make ME feel safe.

South Carolina voters, where Trump won big last Saturday, reported that their preference for him was largely based on fear. According to S.C. news publication The State, “Among the remaining GOP candidates, S.C. Republican voters said the political novice was the most likely to keep their family safe and to be feared by U.S. enemies, according to a Bloomberg poll last week.”

So even “in a state where religion and civility matter,” according to The State, The Donald’s incivility and immoral lifestyle were “trumped” by his promises to protect our borders and keep other nations from taking advantage of ours. He talks big and loud and gives the term “bully pulpit” new meaning, and a fearful and helpless populace flocks for protection under his flightless, flimsy, untested wings.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Adolf Hitler also garner popular support with promises of not letting 635837499296540532198644249_trump-is-hitler1Germany get stomped on again like it was after World War I? After what they suffered in the Great War and then in its aftermath, the people wanted someone who would make Germany strong again…safe from those who would threaten and take advantage of her.

The defense of our country is a primary role of government, but if our defender in chief is an unprincipled demagogue, sufficiently deficient in character, we are not safe. He is a gangster who when given power will become a tyrant.

The American people are in danger of becoming the gangster’s girlfriend. Yeah, he’ll protect her because she makes him feel strong, lets him into her bed, and does what he says. Until he attains the power he’s really after, doesn’t need her anymore and casts her aside. Then she’s on her own. And he won’t think twice about it, ‘cause he’s got no morals.