Escaping evil

Anyone who really cares about me and read my last post might have wondered what I need to escape from. globe-puzzle-deconstructI’ve been wondering that myself each time I sit down at the dining room table to rebuild something that’s been cut into pieces. And writing that last sentence makes me think there may be a deeper motivation to my puzzling than I realize.

I have a serious, melancholic bent, but lately I’ve been more bent than usual. Things are good at home…I’m not needing to escape any relational stress. But so many things are anything but good in all the other places I live…my community, my country, planet Earth. I might have to run to the dining room before I’m done, but here’s some of what’s got me down:

  • murderous, Muslim terrorists hell-bent (and hell-sent) on taking as many souls with them into the afterlife as possible
  • innocent women, girls and boys and even very little children being raped by treacherous, perverted, desperately wicked men of various religious persuasions and none
  • a fat, godless, narcissistic, brutal dictator living in luxury exhorting his slaves citizens to “chew the roots of plants”
  • teenage girls being pressured for nude photos of themselves from their porn-addicted male classmates
  • a continuing distortion of what it means to be male or female…what marriage is…what sex is for
  • institutions that are supposed to represent unity in diversity and be bastions of free speech condemning and prohibiting views that some (but only some and not others) may disagree with or be offended by
  • Donald Trump (need I say more?)
  • an ever-burgeoning sense of entitlement so that there’s almost nothing these days that we don’t have a “right” to
  • lives that are seen to matter more than others
  • and lives that matter not at all because they animate bodies that are still developing, largely unseen, and unable to speak for themselves

I am burdened by all the evil in the world, some of which is in my own heart as well. Are you? This is not the way it’s supposed to be and it grieves me enough to want to disengage from everything and everyone outside of my own little world. Yes, there is much good also. Thank God for those who bring healing and hope, tenderness and truth. But it seems sometimes like the bad feeds on and devours the good, making the bad heavier…weightier…more entrenched and influential.

This world is broken, and maybe one of the reasons I find satisfaction in putting puzzles together is because I am an image-bearer of the God who is working out his plan to restore the beauty of his corrupted creation…you and I. We’re all broken and marred by evil…pride, self-absorption, rebellion, envy, licentiousness, hatred…I could go on and on. But he loves us and offers us himself as the only one who can repair and make us whole.

And the only one who can, and someday will, rid the world of evil forever. Thanks be to him.