Civilized slaughter


We are so very civilized in 21st century Western culture.

Case in point: We don’t abandon our unwanted infants on the streets leaving them to clog the gutters, like mothers during the Middle Ages and in 18th century England. We dismember and remove them from the womb before birth limb by limb, making sure we get all the sundry body parts out, including that stubborn skull which needs to be crushed first. Such a ghastly practice, abandonment.

We don’t drown newborns in a bucket of water at birth like the Chinese, or toss them into a river in broad daylight like 12th century Roman women. We puncture the base of the living child’s skull while her head is still in the womb and suck her brains out. That’s real progress there.

We don’t feed our infants poisonous fertilizer, “make them drink milk” from a pit, or feed them dry, unhulled rice that punctures their windpipe like mothers in India have. We inject a heart medication in a dosage poisonous to the child, stopping his heart and guaranteeing the mother delivers a stillborn son. Or more likely, a daughter.

We don’t suffocate our children with wet paper like Japanese parents, fill their mouths with hot ashes like the Svans in Soviet Georgia, or bury them alive like the North Koreans. We suck them out of the womb before they even have a chance to take their first breath. So much more civilized.

And we don’t roast our children to death in a flaming sacrifice to the gods like many ancient peoples nor seal them in walls to strengthen them like the Canaanites of Jericho (see how well that turned out). Goodness, no. We’re civilized. We have incinerators…and dumpsters….and landfills.

And we have no gods but ourselves…and our careers…and our personal convenience.