The inconsistent atheist

Two questions:

  1. Have you recently judged someone, a group of someones, or a particular behavior as morally wrong?
  2. Does God exist?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the first question and ‘No’ to the second, you are living in inconsistency.

Some of the most vociferous moralists these days are atheists and skeptical agnostic types. Folks who would say God does not or likely does not exist. According to their worldview the human race evolved without purpose or plan on a planet that just happened to be habitable, in a universe that exists without explanation and is unguided by any sort of supreme, supernatural being.

That being the case, they are, as Frank Turek says, “stealing from God” when they post stuff like this.


The atheist wants to enforce a set of commandments which, contrary to the Top Ten, are not set in stone but scribed in sand. They wash out with the slightest plea to authority…with every wave that asks, “Says who?” Nazis are bad? Well, they don’t think so. On what basis do you judge them? Devaluing a whole class of people is just wrong? If survival of the fittest is the guiding principle that led to our species, why is it wrong to perpetuate our own kind by subjugating or eliminating other kinds? And what do you mean by “wrong?”

If there is no God, then Naziism is not wrong, it’s just unfashionable…unpleasant…unpopular. Nazis aren’t bad, they’re just offensive…distasteful…objectionable. Without an objective standard of good and bad, right and wrong, one person’s evaluation is as good as another’s.



So, atheist friend…keep on judging racism and hatred because they are objectively bad. But just realize that you are being inconsistent when you do…that with one hand you are swearing allegiance to naturalism and with the other you’re picking God’s pocket.