Idiot, Christian Pedophilistines

I just want to say a few things about this. Political office is not a reward for virtuous living. It’s not a “Person of the Year” contest with the prize going to the individual with the most scruples and the highest morality. It’s a job with certain expectations and responsibilities and those who “hire” a candidate do so because they believe that candidate will do the job the way they believe it should be done. And because they are confident the other candidate for the job will not.

Those who chastise Christians for voting for Roy Moore are unfairly denouncing them for simply having to make a difficult and undesirable choice. If you’re a business owner needing to hire someone for an important position and you only have two candidates, one who has a “past” but is extremely qualified, the other is “squeaky clean” but you know won’t be able to fulfill the responsibilities the job entails, would you hire the unsullied but unqualified one?

It’s truly lamentable that we’re living in a time when Christians have to make choices like this. Elect a man whose character is less than ideal and has likely behaved poorly in the past but who has demonstrated that he will actively support the policies you do, or elect a man whose character and reputation are (at least currently) untarnished but who will actively oppose those policies.

It’s so easy to claim the high road when the sins of another are exposed. Harder to dial back on the condemnation and first examine the situation fairly. Harder still to direct the spotlight on oneself before casting a stone.