FACT is, abortion should be the only choice


Recent “pro-choice” activists’ attacks on crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) demonstrate that they really aren’t about choice at all but instead about preventing any woman considering abortion from having any other choice but that.

NARAL Pro-Choice America has been furiously tweeting their disgust with “fake clinics” that “pretend to be *real*, medically-accredited health clinics” ahead of a U.S. Supreme Court case scheduled to begin next week. Using the hashtags #EndTheLies and #ExposeFakeClinics, NARAL and Planned Parenthood Action are hoping SCOTUS upholds a California law requiring crisis pregnancy centers to basically advertise for abortion clinics. The regulation is kind of ridiculous, and you can read about it here.

All their hyper-alarmist hype about women being “tricked” into talking to pro-life counselors sounds very much as if the abortion clinics don’t like anyone cutting in on their business. In fact, I think that’s exactly what it is. For every woman who chooses life for her child, that’s money they’re not getting if she would have chosen death.

How unusual that when you search “pregnancy help” a pregnancy help center shows up.

I volunteered at a crisis pregnancy center for about 10 years and I can tell you there was no deception going on there, only a sincere desire to help pregnant women make what they believed was the right choice for their baby and them. CPCs are unashamedly in the business of dissuading women from having abortions, so if they choose a name that’s a bit nebulous leading some women to mistake them for an abortion clinic, they have nothing to apologize for. And if some walk through their doors unawares, the clinic workers aren’t obligated to first make sure they’ve come to the “right place” before counseling them. They’re going to try and save a child’s life.

California’s Reproductive FACT Act should be declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, as similar laws in other states have already been by lower court judges. It forces religiously-based pregnancy centers to promote a procedure which runs counter to their beliefs. It would be like forcing me to include in this blog post arguments in favor of abortion.

NARAL’s California director pooh-poohed the First Amendment concerns. “They are still able to say everything they want to,” she insisted. But then gave a peek into the abortion advocate’s real attitude about “choice”: “We can’t regulate free speech. If we could we would, but we can’t.”

And even more telling about NARAL’s supposed concern about a woman’s choice was what the Sacramento Bee reported next:

“But she does hope the signs will send a message to women who find themselves in the lobby of a crisis pregnancy center: ‘Run. This is not where you want to be. Run.’”

Run. Run to an abortion clinic so you can kill your baby. You don’t want to carry and care for him and maybe find that he was the best thing to ever happen to you. Run. God forbid you should go through pregnancy and labor only to hand your child over to someone else to care for. Because you…don’t…want to. Run. Those people will only help you see that your “pregnancy” is not part of you but a distinct, living human being with inherent worth, who feels pain and deserves to be protected.

Run. Run to us, so we can “terminate” that damn “pregnancy.”