More moral than God?

I’m not a collector…no coins, stamps, clown figurines. Sometimes I’ve thought it might be fun to have a collection of something, and then I think about having to dust it all.

Well, I’ve found something I can collect that doesn’t collect dust. Atheist memes. There are a lot of them out there, and most are pretty dumb. But many seem, to the undiscerning atheist or skeptic anyway, to be really on point, exceptionally reasonable, and quite unanswerable. “Take that, theist,” you can just hear them saying.

But answer them the theist most certainly can, and this theist intends to do just that. Of course, answering a meme with another meme only goes so far. But I’ve addressed the topic depicted below to a fuller degree in my post Atheism’s best argument, as well as in other posts.

Feel free to share if you have meme-loving skeptics in your social “meme-dia” world.