Life’s a bitch

“Life’s a bitch. And then you die.”

This nihilistic little pearl of wisdom was popular among my circle of friends in our younger years, usually spoken with an air of resignation…and a smile. None of us was particularly jaded back then. I suspect that if we were growing up with today’s youth, however, the expression might convey more than light-hearted resignation. Turbulent times in a secular society breed naturalistic nihilism. Surely this perception of ultimate meaninglessness is driving the surging suicide rate.

Life’s a bitch. And then you die. Suck it up.

A lot of atheists, skeptics, and progressives think they’ve done society a favor by loosing us from God’s apron strings. There is no God, they tell us, so you can live the way you want. But in freeing us to decide our own fate they have actually selected our ultimate fate for us. Life’s a bitch, and then we die. This life is meaningless and when it’s over, that’s it. Deal with it.

Though a Godless universe may have its perks, on account of we’re unaccountable…no supreme authority to answer to, no objective morality restricting our personal fun and fulfillment…it has a definite, and eternal, downside. Without God we have no inherent value, our lives have no ultimate meaning, and these 80 or so years on earth are the only shot at happiness we get. Use it and lose it. Forever.

Life’s a bitch. And then you die. But wait…there’s more!

Either the atheists are right, or they’re wrong. No dichotomy matters more than this one. Because if they’re wrong, as I strongly believe they are, “And then you die” does not equate with “The End.” That’s right, folks, there’s more! More life, never-ending…more joy, indescribable…perfect justice, finally…perfect peace, passing all understanding…without sorrow, no loss or grief…without pain, no sickness or death…without sin, which is what makes this life a bitch.

At least…that’s what awaits all those who have not rejected the One who gives us life…who have not spit in his eye, defied his authority, or consigned him to myth or legend. Those who have arrogantly “reasoned” him out of existence because of the evil without, will have no recourse on the day of judgment for the evil within.

Life’s a bitch. And then you die. And then you live.

Because each of us will stand before him, each of us guilty of evil. But those of us who believe and trust in him will find that our guilt has been removed. Those who don’t believe will wish that they had, and will long to return to the only life in which they had that choice. Because “And then you die” is not the end for any of us. The rebellious will also have more life, never-ending…but with everlasting sorrow and pain instead of joy and peace.

They do get that perfect justice though.