This is war

“Pro-choice is pro-abortion is pro-death.” – Me

For the past ten weeks, over almost 30 posts, I have been describing and addressing the arguments for the permissibility of abortion as presented in philosopher Francis J. Beckwith’s book Politically Correct Death: Answering Arguments for Abortion Rights (1). I was motivated to buy the book after engaging in a Facebook debate with a family member and her friends who wielded many common pro-abortion arguments, which I was prepared to counter, but I wanted to be prepared for every argument employed in defense of a deed which I believe to be morally egregious.

How anyone can defend the intentional poisoning, suctioning, or tearing the limbs off of an innocent, helpless child baffles many of us who are strongly pro-life. The fact that so many do scares the hell out of me, to be quite blunt. Such callousness about violently destroying innocent human life on such a large scale will not be confined to life in the womb if left unchallenged and uncondemned. Of course, we already see this to some degree with dumpster babies and the murder of toddlers, as I highlighted the other day. Mothers who dispose of or smother their little ones are merely applying the logic of the abortion defense which prioritizes women’s desires over the very lives of their children. Is it really unreasonable to believe that if abortion on demand continues to be socially acceptable it will become relatively easy to sanction infanticide?

And since abortion rights are essentially the exercise of total power over a disadvantaged and dehumanized group, and knowing how power intoxicates, how long before other unwanted groups are targeted for subjugation to the elites in control of the culture? We are in a war for the soul and the freedom of this country, and we must not be deceived by those who claim to be fighting for our freedoms while denying it to a whole class of citizens.

It’s past time for the power that is the pro-choice movement to be overthrown. They’re feeling more threatened now than they likely ever have so are doubling-down on their pro-death efforts and activism. But this is actually serving to further expose the moral bankruptcy of their position, as we see our congressional leaders refuse to vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act which would guarantee that unwanted born babies are given the same protection as wanted ones, unborn children are being referred to as parasites and trespassers, and pro-life people are likened to racists.

This also makes them more vulnerable, so “racists” like me need to continue advancing with the truth of the full humanity of unborn children from conception – making abortion the horrible evil that it is – until enough people get on board to shift our culture to the right, diluting the power of those in the wrong. Hopefully, just as with the evil of slavery, 50 or 100 years from now most Americans will find it hard to believe that abortion on demand was ever sanctioned in a country founded on “inalienable rights,” the foremost of which is the right to life.

So this ends my series of posts on Beckwith’s book, though it certainly won’t be my last one on abortion. But as I return to defending theism in general and Christianity in particular, my hope and prayer is that my focus on the truth of the existence of a loving but just God will serve to convince some that he is indeed real, and that he is not happy with the wholesale destruction of millions of innocent children whom he has formed in the womb.

(1) Francis J. Beckwith, Politically Correct Death: Answering Arguments for Abortion Rights (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1993)