There’s woke, and then there’s awake


Wake up, people!

This is what I imagine God shouting from heaven at various multitudes of lost and errant souls. Or maybe it’s what I frequently hear myself shouting from my chair. At various screens.

It’s funny how in an age of wokeness our greatest need is to wake up. A lot of folks think they’re woke but they’re actually just dreaming that they are. Their lives have a semblance of reality but the absurd and irrational things that they accept as normal and true are anything but in the real real world.

There’s an asleep state, an awake state, and that state in-between where you’re not actually asleep but not completely awake neither. Have you been there? I’ve lived in all three states, and I now reside in the state of Awake.

For roughly the first half of my life I was unconscious of true reality. I lived in a sleeping, dreaming state. My life seemed real to me…I had experiences and relationships…I was self-aware. But when I awoke I recognized that much of what I had accepted as actual and factual was actually factually false.

But before awakening I moved to an intermediate state…a place of semiconsciousness. I sensed there was a reality beyond what I had experienced and I was feeling drawn to it, but I wasn’t quite ready to wake up. I lived in this state of in-between for about a year, struggling to make sense of my unsettledness.

Then, on a day in January 1987, I woke up. I moved from being semiconscious to fully conscious…from half-awake to fully awake. I entered the state of being truly, actually woke…and I’ve never left.

Those of us who have put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ and received his Spirit, and none of those who have not, are the truly woke ones. God has opened our spiritual eyes to a reality beyond what those who are merely sleep-walking can see. I’m not talking about heaven and the spiritual realm. What the Spirit of God within us allows us to see is truth and falsehood, good and evil, right and wrong, wise and foolish.

And we see that those who claim to be woke are peddling foolish and evil lies.

Wake up, people. Before it’s too late.

If you will not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what hour I will come against you. – Revelation 3:3b