The side of lies

“We r at the edge of a democracy possibly starting to collapse due to extreme greed, deception, self indulgence on the part of an incompetent con man and his greedy minions. We are struggling as a nation w structured racism, in a global pandemic, experiencing economic decline, and suffering many infringements on our basic rights.”

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  • Our God-given rights and freedoms will be better protected under a Biden administration OR a Trump one.
  • Capitalism is morally and economically superior to socialism, OR it isn’t.
  • Abortion is the unjust killing of an innocent human life OR it is a morally acceptable choice for women.
  • Donald Trump is a greedy, incompetent con man and racist OR he isn’t.

Fact check: TRUE

These are truths…that one or the other option is true. The Left and the Right stand on opposite sides of the “OR” claiming truth is on their side. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an outside, authoritative, objective source we could consult to determine who’s right? Kind of like a Magic 8 Ball, only…not.

There is, of course. There is a waaaay outside objective authority who knows who’s right and who’s left…I mean wrong. But he’s a little mysterious and elusive, and if one manages to obtain a face-to-face meeting with him she would have no way to report back to the rest of us what answers she was given.

God knows whether the United States is better served by a government run by leftists or instead by conservatives. He knows all and only truth, and how I wish HIS government was earthly as well as heavenly…that as the undeniably true leader of the free world he could be found in the Oval Office and the Press Briefing Room addressing the nation and the nation’s journalists. Can you imagine it? The question….BAM…the answer. Next question. I wonder how the mainstream media would spin it.

The most frustrating, disturbing thing for me in our current political climate is having to stand helplessly by as lies are propagated and believed. Lies that will mean evil and hardship, injustices and suffering. And I know that nothing I do or say will really make a difference.

But I also know that Jesus Christ – God in the flesh – is the way, the Truth, and the life” and that his disciples know the truth and are set free by it. Those of us who follow Christ are indwelt by the Spirit of God…the Spirit of Christ who is “the wisdom of God.” We have an inside track…a hotline…to the true, omniscient, self-existent Leader of the free world. We have “the mind of Christ.” So the world should listen to us.

Instead the world hates and stops its ears to us. But what if more of the world were “us”? I know for certain that if we here in the “US” focused our attention on God instead of our compatriots and comrades…instead of the media and political pundits…instead of what we think our opponents want to do and how to defeat them…we would be in a much better position to know which side of the “OR” is right.

So as much as I want to argue for the truth of my side, and do, I know that in the long run it would be more productive to argue for the truth of Truth, in the person of Jesus Christ. He is the Light of the world by whom we can see what is right, and in whom alone we can achieve real unity. He is also the Savior of the world who alone has redeemed us from the punishment we deserve for the lies that we tell. We do have unity in that…in our culpability before a holy God.

I long and pray for unity in this country. But we will not have it as long as Truth is less important than advancing my personal political position. Lies are of the devil. Truth is of God. One would think we could come to some agreement about which of those sides is the right one.

One would think.