How to save America in 3 easy steps

I’m quite certain I’ve never highlighted more sentences in a book then I did in this one. Nearly every page is streaked with yellow. And I wish it wasn’t so. 

Because the words I’ve “lit up” are evidence and warnings of a present and coming darkness. I hated seeing so much that rang true of where we are in this country in a book that warns of the threat of totalitarianism. But all is not lost. Though my yellow highlighter is powerless to dispel the darkness, you and I are not. So I use it to call attention to what we both need to know and to do.

Live Not By Lies by Rod Dreher is subtitled A Manual for Christian Dissidents. It is a handbook for how to save America in three easy steps: see, judge, act. 

  1. Be awake to what is happening in our country right now, especially in light of what has happened in other countries before. This is in contrast to being “woke” and yet blind to reality.
  2. Discern the dangers and the lies in what is being propagated as positive change in progressive policies.
  3. Resist and push back against said lies and policies with courage and wisdom.

See. Judge. Act.

Though Dreher addresses his manual to Christians in particular, it is really for all freedom-loving Americans. And of course turning back the tide of soft totalitarianism masquerading as social justice won’t be easy. At least until the numbers of us courageously committed to taking these steps reaches critical mass. There’ll be no stopping us then.

So I intend to do my small part in increasing those numbers by taking the next few posts to share some of what I’ve regrettably highlighted in this book of wisdom and warning, so needed in the times we are in right now. Eventually, or today, I hope you’ll get and read Live Not By Lies yourself. Join the counter-revolution to save America. 

If not for your own sake, read it for the sake of your children and grandchildren. I’ve got a copy for each of my grown children I’ll be giving to them soon, with a request that they promise me they’ll indeed read it. At least for the sake of their children and grandchildren.

For we are living in seriously unstable and freedom-threatening times.