Stay at home, mom

I’m seeing glimmers of hope for the future in all the turmoil and conflict of the present. And shining brightest for me right now is the hope of motherhood and fatherhood being restored to their rightful place of honor and respect. I’m hopeful that the nuclear family will soon be valued once again as absolutely essential to the well-being of children and society.

Many of us have connected the dots between the high divorce rate, absent fathers, and career-focused mothers, and the reality that our young people are rejecting traditional values, engaging in risky and/or criminal behavior, and becoming easy prey for those who want to indoctrinate them in opposition to our values. And now, as we’re seeing more clearly that the public schools and universities are hotbeds of indoctrination, the oft-denigrated model of mom at home while dad works is getting some well-deserved respect.

Because homeschool. COVID forced most two-income families with young children to have at least one parent home with the kids. Critical Race Theory and progressive sexual ethics in the classroom are leading many of these families to see the need to keep it that way. They’re looking at homeschooling as not just an option but as necessary to protect their children from progressive and objectionable ideology.

And I’m looking at stay-at-home motherhood the way I’ve always looked at it, as the most important “job” in the world. For children to grow up caring and considerate, law-abiding and God-fearing, confident that they are valued and loved and don’t need to belittle others to feel better about themselves, their parents must be intentional about raising them as such. They can’t expect daycare workers to love them enough to invest the time and energy that takes, nor schoolteachers. 

Time, energy, intentionality, sacrifice. These are all required to be successful in any career or job of any importance. Raising children well, though unpaid, is a job of the utmost importance, but too many women don’t see it as worth their time, energy, intentionality, and sacrifice. They prefer to fall in line with the culture’s expectation that a woman should have a paid career, and hand over eight hours a day or more of valuable training time to unrelated others who may meet the child’s physical needs well, but can’t give them what only mom or dad can. Including, and maybe primarily, their loving presence that is so affirming and comforting to a child.

Families are the bedrock of society, and a society that values and promotes stable, nuclear families of married parents sacrificing for the benefit of their children will be more prosperous and peaceful than those that don’t.