Who’s on the side of science now?

The tide is turning, and we need to be ready to ride the wave. 

Just like surfers need balance, wisdom, and vision, so do we believers in God need the same if we don’t want to miss the opportunity we have to stake our claim to the mantle of reason. Because the more we discover about our universe, the more it gives evidence for the theistic worldview, and the more it contradicts atheism’s smug assumption of scientific superiority. It’s time to recognize and boldly proclaim that not only are science and faith not in conflict with each other, theism is the worldview better supported by science. 

Science, people! 

That’s been the taunt and rallying cry of atheists, skeptics, leftists and progressive-types blasted in the direction of religious-types whose beliefs they see as in conflict with modern science. But it’s becoming increasingly apparent that believers in God are the ones on the side of science, and not the God-deniers. Let’s look at a few examples.

The threat to Roe v. Wade that the recent appointments of more conservative justices to the US Supreme Court presents to abortion proponents, many of whom castigate the faithful as backward and bigoted, has them doubling down on claims that cannot be scientifically supported. Contrary to what basic biology teaches, they:

  1. deny that the developing fetus is human and has been from conception
  2. deny that the “product of conception” is a unique individual body distinct from the mother’s body
  3. claim that overturning Roe would necessarily result in many deaths from illegal abortions because, of course, women just get spontaneously pregnant through no fault of their own.

Honestly, it’s like they really don’t know how babies are made. You rarely hear from pro-abortion folks, “practice safe sex,” and never hear, “refrain from sex if you’re not open to conceiving a child by it.” They fail to make the connection between sex and reproduction. Science, people!

What can one say about the defiantly anti-science views on gender today? Good science, established science, science that is so elementary even elementary school kids understand it, is rejected and denied in the name of progressive ideals. I’ve no doubt that some men and women struggle with gender identity, but that’s a psychological anomaly not a physical one. Gender is hard-wired into our DNA and can be established definitively with a simple blood test.

Yet you have some of the same folks who hold up science as the only source of knowledge and claim that religious belief is in conflict with it, rejecting science in order to protect their progressive ideology. And in protecting their ideology they fail to protect young children whose immature psyches are manipulated for the sake of the science-denying goals of immature and irresponsible adults. 

The most ironic example of hypocritically extolling the superiority of science while promoting very unscientific conclusions is in the sciences themselves.

  1. The scientific and philosophical evidence strongly suggests that the universe had a beginning. Yet even though it seems plainly self-evident that everything that begins to exist has a cause, and scientists are in the business of discerning causes and have no examples of anything else popping into being without one, many choose to ignore the evidence in favor of unscientific theories positing no cause nor explanation for the existence of the universe.
  2. The awe-inspiring beauty and complexity of living things give unmistakable evidence of design. Yet even though no scientist would fail to recognize and credit design as an explanation for far less complex man-made objects, most of them do dismiss the design hypothesis for extremely complicated, incredibly precise, and informationally-rich biological life. Francis Crick’s admonition is representative of this rejection of logical science: “Biologists must constantly keep in mind that what they see was not designed, but rather evolved.”(1)
  3. The fine-tuning of the universe – the discovery that multiple constants and quantities must have just the right values for any life at all to exist – is a fact accepted by most cosmologists and astrophysicists. Yet even though the likelihood of all of them falling into the exact range by chance alone is so astronomically small as to be effectively impossible, many scientists reject the obvious inference to an intelligence behind the fine-tuning and resort to wild speculations like an infinite number of universes, one of which is bound to have the values we find in ours, so they say.

If theism is true, then everything else that is true will support it. Scientific discoveries have buoyed the theistic worldview and I believe will continue to as more of our incredible universe and the incredible life within it is explored and analyzed. The mother of all waves is on the horizon. Let’s make sure we can ride it!

(1) ‘Lessons from Biology’, Natural History, vol. 97, 1988, p.36.