The only “reproductive” choice

Pre-born babies in Texas are being saved from the predations of abortionists, and pearl-clutching pro-aborts are panicking. Now that Texas women’s choice to either protect and bear OR kill the child they helped create has been taken from them, they’ve backed into the only genuine “reproductive choice” they’ve ever had. And that is, sexual intercourse with this man who may impregnate me, even if we’re using contraceptives, OR put that thing away ‘cause I’m not ready to be a mom.

When a sperm and egg unite, reproduction has occurred. The man and woman have reproduced according to their kind, and a brand, spankin’ new human being has been created at that moment. Ta da! “But wait just one gosh darn minute,” you may say. “A fertilized egg is just a tiny cluster of cells, and even if I admit the cells have human DNA, it bears no resemblance to a baby at that point. So it’s not a baby. Why should I not be allowed to remove whatever it is from my body?”

Well, think about it. What is a “baby”? “Baby” is a word we use to describe a human being at a particular stage of life, a very early stage. There are different words we use for even earlier stages: fetus, embryo, zygote. But it is a human being at each stage from the moment of conception, and there’s no logical reason why we can’t call it a baby from the start.

So it doesn’t look like a baby at first, but why should that matter? What a baby looks like is merely what a human being looks like at birth, and at six months after birth, and at six months before birth. A human being at conception looks different, but it contains within it the seeds of all the baby-like features which will eventually be revealed if only it is protected and fed.

Efforts to somehow attach “personhood” to the developing human at some point as the defining factor granting protection are not logically defensible. All the criteria are arbitrary and debatable. Person = human being.

If Roe v. Wade is finally overturned as the garbage decision it was, many states will outlaw abortions. Others will not and pre-born babies will continue to be killed. Every state legislature should be required to view images of aborted babies and videos of abortion procedures before voting. And they should have to specify in their decision not just what is allowed and when, but why. Why does a pre-born child at 20 weeks, 24 weeks, 40 weeks not have a right to be protected from being killed. How do they defend allowing innocent lives to be snuffed out at ages and stages that appear on every legislator’s own personal historical timeline.

I applaud the Texas legislators who have the courage and integrity to defend the lives of innocent unborn children. May many more states follow their lead.