The lie of repro rights

Your reproductive rights end where the life of the being you helped produce begins. Your right to reproduce or not to reproduce is yours only logically prior to the moment reproduction has occurred. At that point you can assert reproductive rights all you want, but that ship has sailed. 

Previous to the introduction of foreign, squiggly material into your uterus you had the right to refuse to welcome it. You have the right to protect your reproductive capability from forced sterilization and forced vaccination. You have the right to defend yourself against forced sexual intercourse. Those are your reproductive rights.

But when that momentous event occurs of a squiggly sperm penetrating and uniting with a receptive egg, you and the sperm provider have reproduced. A brand new, unique creature has become. A similar but distinct living organism now is. An incredibly complex though so very tiny zygote exists. And as is inherent in reproduction, it is of the same kind as what/who produced it. It is a human being.

When a woman gets a positive pregnancy test, she may say or think to herself, “I’m going to have a baby.” But she would never say, “I’m going to reproduce.” She knows she already has. Even the woman who doesn’t want the child acknowledges this obvious fact when she goes to an abortionist to have the reproduction killed and removed. So the deceptive framing of access to abortion as all about reproductive rights is just one of many bald-faced lies abortion supporters tell.

“My body, my choice” is another one. Bodily autonomy only applies to your body, not the child’s body. The obvious reality in mammalian reproduction is that, for a time, the reproduced body must exist and be nourished by and within the mother’s body. This is not hard. The woman “with child” carries in her uterus from conception the child she will carry in her arms nine months later.

How many pro-aborts defend the right of others not to get vaccinated because “my body, my choice”? I’m convinced the percentage is quite low. Because for them it’s not about what IS right, but about protecting their perceived right to do what’s wrong.

Abortion proponents have participated in the slaughter of millions of children by propagating lies and manipulating language to try and hide the horror of it. It’s all about “choice” but they’ll never mention that what they’re choosing is death for a child. It’s “ending a pregnancy” but the way they end it is by killing a baby. “Abortion is healthcare” yet it’s anything but for the object of abortion.

And “reproductive rights” is the banner waved by a cadre of sometimes misguided but mostly defiantly self-serving women and men who deflect from and obscure the fundamental right to life of unborn children with illegitimate claims of women’s rights denied.