Prescription for a sick world

I have lately felt more overwhelmed than usual by all the evil in the world. Murders, rapes, child abuse, sex trafficking, tortuous persecution. We see it in the article_rx_transfer_new_prescriptionnews every day…a sad and sober reality of the era in which we live. We may think the measure and degree of evil is on the rise and man’s inhumanity to man wasn’t quite so bad in years past. But it’s more likely that a perceived increase in evil is a result of advances in technology that bring the world closer, exposing wickedness and corruption that would otherwise have gone unseen.

I wrote previously here about war atrocities and man’s propensity for evil, and have recently been reading a history of Christianity, which, sadly, only confirms the ubiquitousness across eras, civilizations, religions and people groups, of humanity’s capability to do horrible things to one another. It just sickens my heart.

Some fault God for all the pain and cruelty so many suffer at the hands of their fellow man. But we have only ourselves to blame, as I touched on in my 3-part post, Why doesn’t God do something? On the contrary, from the very beginning God has been calling us out for our stubborn refusal to submit to him and be blessed, all the while offering us forgiveness and restoration, and peace, if we would only do things his way.

The remedy for the sin sickness that has infected the human race like flesh-eating bacteria that destroy the body from within, is available to all without cost. A spiritual disease calls for a spiritual treatment. Nothing else will cure us. Oh, we can treat the symptoms with man-made solutions….more laws, increased government control, campaigns to accuse and assign blame to the left or the right….but the disease remains. What we need is to return to the God who made us, confess and repent of our sins, and submit to a Spirit transfusion, remaking us into new creatures and rebirthing us into new life.

He is our Savior, and our Great Physician. He is the one who loves us and gave himself for us, and the only one who can save us from the most deadly pandemic the world has ever experienced. A changed heart is the prescription a sick world bent on evil needs, and the love of God is the drug that can bring about that change.

Nothing else matters – gender issues, politics, rights and responsibilities – if people are lost, dead in their sins and in dire need of a Savior. Because if you leave this life still infected, there is no healing for you in the next.

The Great Physician has an unlimited supply of the only effective treatment for the world’s sin sickness, offered completely free of charge. He even makes house calls. Have you rung him up yet?