So much angst about letting babies live 

Just some quick bullet point reminders as the pro-aborts lose their minds over losing Roe v. Wade:

  • The court does not decide cases based on popularity.
  • A child’s body is within but not part of his mother’s body.
  • Sex can lead to pregnancy. If you don’t want a child, use birth control or don’t have sex.
  • Babies are poisoned and dismembered in an abortion.
  • Unborn babies feel pain, just as born babies do.
  • From conception the growing organism is a human being.
  • Personhood is an arbitrary designation.
  • Intentionally killing a human being without proper justification is murder.
  • Smart people who are also morally corrupt will have opinions based not on science but on sin.

I’ve written a LOT about abortion in my ten years of blogging. Please check out my LIFE AND JUSTICE category here, for multiple, detailed arguments defending the right to life for the unborn.