Flipping off God

At its most basic level, support for abortion and gender transition is a big middle finger in God’s face.

Think about it. God designed an incredible process of human reproduction that requires very little of the parents apart from the sexual act and harboring and protecting the new life. And we, if we are pro-abortion, say, “Not so fast, God. We oppose your design, your plan, and your purpose for sex and establish our own instead. Women can have as much sex as they want with whomever they want and if reproduction occurs as a result, they can kill and remove the ‘re-product’ if they so desire. Because OUR purpose for sex is pleasure….period. And no matter that women’s bodies are required for propagating the species, we reject that as an unjust imposition on a woman’s bodily autonomy. So, F*** you, God, and anyone else who opposes OUR plan.”

Yes, that is essentially what most every abortion rights supporter is saying.

God also designed humans to be either male or female but gender ideologues deny that sex is fixed and binary. They shake their heads and say, “We own our bodies. No one, not even your ‘sky-daddy,’ can tell me I can’t be whatever sex I want to be. We reject and destroy his design when it doesn’t meet our subjective and so superior specifications.”

It’s the gazillionth replaying of the Fall. “You will be like God,” said the serpent, and humans have been falling for Satan’s lies and rebelling against our Creator ever since. We defiantly usurp his authority, considering ourselves gods who can remake his creation and reconfigure his design.

Do we think this is a small infraction in God’s eyes? Should he overlook our attempts to dethrone him?

It is not and he should not, and will not. Perhaps the only reason God has not already destroyed America for our great sins of child sacrifice and sexual perversions is the presence of many believers, praying for our country and our fellow citizens.

And the LORD said, “If I find at Sodom fifty righteous in the city, I will spare the whole place for their sake.”

Genesis 18:26

But do not think that he will not someday punish and banish all who will not have him as King. In his mercy he gives us time to repent, but when the time is up he will give us the autonomy we demand.

And it will be hell.