This is what passes for virtue today

Family friendly drag show in Evansville, Indiana  (photo credit Christopher Polk, Getty Images)
Family-friendly drag show in Evansville, Indiana (photo credit Christopher Polk, Getty Images)

Before I talk about prayer anymore I have to say something about parents and perversion.

Little children are being sexualized…in the schools, in the entertainment media, and in “kid-friendly” drag queen shows. You may not see it in the mainstream media but get yourself a Twitter account, follow a few conservative-leaning independent journalists, and you’ll get an eyeful of dangerous depravity coming for your kids or grandkids.

I’ll link you to some of those Twitter accounts below, but what I just want to point out with this post is the part that mind-numbed, virtue-signaling parents play in the sexualization of kids. Check out the video below. It’s from just one of a multitude of drag shows being put on all over the country billed as “family-friendly.” Oh, the malevolent glee the enemy and his faithful servants must get from this. I’ve seen so many of these, it’s clear that the blatant and overt sexuality is a feature, not a bug.

As maddening as is the fact that these perversions are being peddled to children, what always gets me is the parents who willingly bring their kids to these sex-saturated events. It astounds me, and yet it makes perfect sense. We are living in a time when “diversity and inclusion” is about the highest value one can strive for. So these parents, having been deceived into believing that no sexual proclivity is to be rejected as immoral,  unsound, or unsafe, buy the lie that children should be exposed to it all. For diversity and inclusion’s sake.

As I see them in the audiences, watching their children put dollar bills in the performers’ slutty outfits, see them twerk their nearly bare behinds in sexually provocative ways (is there any other?), or stroke the groin area of the male “mermaid” in this video, I imagine what brought them there. “Oh, I need to show my children that these men dressing as whorish showgirls and dancing like strippers are deserving of our acceptance,” they tell themselves. “They are diverse and we need to include them, and if my neighbors and Facebook friends see that we think so because we support these drag shows, all the better.”

And as a result their poor kids are confused, possibly traumatized, and likely set on a course of early sexual experimentation.

This is just one of the ugly fruits of a mindset that prizes conformity and superficial virtuosity over truth and righteousness. Our society is steadily degenerating because people want to be seen as virtuous without really knowing or caring about what true virtue looks like.

These deceptively promoted “kid-friendly” drag shows will continue as long as self-centered adults bring the kids. They’ll die a deserved death if enough of them don’t.

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