Stop! Look! Listen! Cry.

The baby was finally out, and with a relieved sigh the mother relaxed and waited for the doctor and nurse to do their evaluation.

“Ten fingers? Check. Ten toes? Hmmm…only nine. Where is that big toe? Oh, yeah,” the doctor said with a chuckle, “I pulled it off when I was going for that lower leg and the forceps slipped. There’s the little bugger. Ten. Now let’s reassemble the rest of him so we know we got everything.”


STOP! STOP! STOP! Stop turning a blind eye to the violent dismembering of innocent children, and the cruel abandonment of born alive ones to die!

LOOK! Look at the bloody baby parts strewn on the cold, hard tray. Witness and remember the willingness of nearly every Democrat House member to deny medical attention to innocent babies born alive after a botched abortion.

LISTEN! Listen to abortionists coldly describe “pull[ing] off a leg or two” and laugh about a wayward eyeball. Listen to abortion clinic doctors and workers hedge, deceive, and evade as they describe the murderous deed.

And cry. Cry for the millions of children slaughtered at the altar of convenience. Cry with the mothers who are tortured with guilt when the reality of what they’ve done haunts them night and day. Cry with the women who long to hold and care for a child, all the while the ones who could be theirs are being intentionally and brutally killed.

Cry about the degradation of a society obsessed with protecting the self-centered, emotional feelings and assumed rights of gender-conflicted adults while dismissing and denying the painful, physical feelings and fundamental RIGHT TO LIFE of innocent babies in the womb.

Stop. Look. Listen. Cry. Repeat.

Until the horrible infanticide that grotesquely mars the (in)human race like a putrid, festering boil, dehumanizing both the victim and the perpetrator, has finally ended.

Inhuman: Late-Term Abortion