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Extraordinary events require extraordinary evidence

This was a claim made by the 18th century Scottish skeptic David Hume regarding the possibility of determining that a miracle had occurred. He maintained that the evidence we have establishing the laws… Continue reading

Conferred authority or commandeered?

In examining the Roman Catholic Church’s claim to be the visible authority of Christ on earth I asked, did Jesus even intend to establish an institutional church with global authority and a governing… Continue reading

Impersonating a rock

If you’ll look right now at the title of my blog (made you look 🙂 ), you’ll see I’ve subtitled it, “making a defense for the hope that we have,” which is a… Continue reading

Faith and football

Last night’s NFC championship game was a thriller, wasn’t it? The Seattle Seahawks come from behind win over the Green Bay Packers had a lot of exciting and memorable moments…the faked field goal….the… Continue reading

Inordinate power and control

This is No. 17 in the series. Please read my introduction and explanation here. I’ve always been pretty much a conformist. While in my parents’ home I acknowledged their authority and tried to… Continue reading