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Moral argument for God in the news

What do Afghan rapists and a 14-year-old Texas “clockmaker” have in common? Well, the young American boy who got into some trouble for bringing to school what he said was a homemade clock… Continue reading

Kontemplation is King

(Don’t you hate it when people misspell just to be alliterative?) On the matter of God’s existence, theists and atheists would likely agree that if there is a supreme, supernatural creator, he is… Continue reading

You’ll never believe….

…how this prominent atheist physicist shot himself in the foot! Click here to see! The tease to a shocking/heartwarming/tear-jerking story seems to be the way to go these days. Did it work? Actually,… Continue reading

Wishful thinking

It is becoming embarrassingly obvious lately that evolutionary science has truly gone the way of wishful thinking. With no recourse but materialism, scientists are forced to theorize – or perhaps more accurately, fantasize… Continue reading