Death penalty for babies

Every presidential election is all about the social issues for me. And where a candidate stands on the issue of pre-born human life is probably the most important defining factor on which way I’m going to vote. Because I believe that one’s stand on abortion is a pretty good indicator of a willingness, or not, to submit to God, and we desperately need God-fearing leaders.

So, we have one candidate who identifies as pro-life, and the other who is currently running ads about his opponent’s views on abortion. And he is portrayed as not only against women because he is trying to tell us what we can and can’t do with “our bodies”, but as an extremist because he is not even in favor of an exception in cases of rape or incest.

These exceptions seem to be quite widely accepted among those who call themselves pro-life. But I believe they undercut the pro-life position. Please hear me out.

If our argument is that a pre-born child is a human being with the same right to life as you and I, what difference does it make if that child was conceived in a rape or incestuous encounter? Certainly, the cruel and violent acts against women and young girls should result in jail time or worse for the perpetrators. But the children created are innocent, and killing them is just adding to the evil. As the old cliché goes, two wrongs don’t make a right.

I suppose the argument is that after a girl or woman has endured such violence and abuse, it would be inhuman to expect her to carry and give birth to the resultant new life within her. But as life-changing and tragic as carrying this child may be, and I stress “may” because none of us knows how this will affect her life, the child has an inalienable right to life that supersedes her need to minimize her suffering.

Life is not fair. Many suffer as the result of the sins of others. That will continue to be the case until Jesus comes back. Our responsibility as Christians is to do whatever is within our power and influence to help relieve their suffering. But always within the will of God, and I don’t believe abortion qualifies.

And life is hard. Abortion is the easy way out of a tragic situation, but it is a tragedy in itself, and eventually breeds more. Most notably, a serious devaluing of all human life, leading to abandoned infants, abandoned elderly, increased suicides, and more abortions.

Rape and incest are horrible crimes, but the child conceived is not the criminal, and does not deserve the death penalty.