Obstacles, objections, and obviousness

I’m on a mission…a mission from God. ‘Cause “I have seen the light!”

Oh, Jake and Elwood. I hope Jake…John…is still doing backflips on account of he has literally seen THE Light, and was not turned away but welcomed into his presence.

That’s what I want for everyone, and that’s why I’m on a mission from God. A mission to remove barriers and obstacles to faith in him. Like this objection: If there is a God and he’s so serious about me knowing and believing in him, he’d make his existence more obvious. He would display his glorious power and majesty for any and all to see so that no one could deny him.

That seems a reasonable expectation, until you factor in the goal of our own existence, which is not simply to know that HE IS but to be in a love relationship with him. God is certainly able to so overwhelm us with great signs and wonders as to ensure the inescapable conclusion, and someday he will do that. But if his intention has always been to draw us, for our own good, into a free willy (no, that’s a movie)…a freely willing love relationship, overpowering us with his awesome immensity and insuperable superiority is not the best way to do that.

I wrote before about the hiddenness of God, making the analogy of a wealthy secret lover, and if this objection is a disturbing one for you I urge you to read that. Because though it’s a common one, it’s easily overcome when one considers God’s purpose for us. We can’t make a right judgment about the wisdom or effectiveness of any action or lack of action without knowledge of purpose or goal.bright light

A light seen in the distance when you are in a dark place will draw you to it. An overpowering, blinding light will cause you to close your eyes and draw back.

God loves you, and wants you to love him in return. But he will not overpower and force your love. You can’t force real love, now can you?