My apologist crush

When I set out almost four years ago to pursue an amateur vocation in apologetics by way of the blogosphere, arguing for the reasonableness of theism and Christianity in particular, I knew the domain name would be perfect. Unfortunately, it was already taken and it was then that I discovered the man whom my son calls my “apologist crush.” (Hmmm. Two consecutive posts have me swooning or crushing on two different men. Don’t worry, honey…you’re still the only one for me.)

William Lane Craig, or WLC as he is sometimes affectionately (or not, by the atheists who fear debatingwilliamlanecraig him) called, is the man behind the Reasonable Faith ministry which I am so grateful to have stumbled upon back in 2012. As a philosopher, theologian, university professor, and prolific author and debater, he deserves much of the credit, I believe, for the relatively recent advancing of a convincing and powerful defense of the Christian worldview. God has blessed him with a keen intellect which Craig has taken full advantage of, yet with sincere humility. And his commitment to and confidence in the truth of Christianity and Christianity’s God, combined with a tireless work ethic, have made him a serious force to be reckoned with in the marketplace of ideas.

There are of course others who are similarly contributing to the convincing legitimacy of Christianity as an intellectually fulfilling worldview. Among those that I personally have found compelling, persuasive, and helpful are Ravi Zacharias, Greg Koukl, and J. Warner Wallace. But William Lane Craig has been my primary go-to guy for information, explanation, and a well-researched and thoughtfully communicated defense of the faith. For it’s reasonableness.

Whether you’re a believer, agnostic, skeptic, or atheist, WLC has the evidence and arguments for God’s existence and the truth of Christianity that will strengthen your faith if you’re a believer, and shake it if you’re not. I highly commend him to you.

Here’s a recent talk he gave at a Dallas bar, with Q & A, if you’ve got two hours. If not, peruse his YouTube channel here for a shorter introduction to this icon in Christian apologetics.