Letting men be men

Annex - Macrae, Gordon (Oklahoma)_NRFPT_02


Last week I saw the 60th anniversary showing of “Oklahoma!” at the cinema, and fell in love with Curly all over again…a handsome singing cowboy armed and ready to defend the woman he loves, as well as any of the local townsfolk who may find themselves in danger from nasties like Jud Fry. Gordon McRae on a horse with a leather holster on his hip, and a gun that actually has bullets in it (no offense, Barney Fife…I do love me some Andy Griffith). I swooned a little. And I would have put my head on my husband’s shoulder, ‘cause he’s a manly man who would and could fight to defend me, but I might have woken him up.

Still, he would have liked it because men have an innate desire to be looked on as strong and protective, especially by the woman they love. This is a good thing because in a fallen world we need strong protectors. But if this desire is denigrated, dismissed, discounted or ignored (you thought I was going to go with another ‘d’ word, didn’t you?), our men may respond with one of two extremes: shrink back from any opportunities to protect for lack of confidence, or in their frustration express their masculine instincts in unhealthy aggression. Or shoot-em-up video games.

Much has been said about the “feminization of America” (google it and you’ll see), characterized by an intentional blurring of gender differences, and I believe it’s a real issue and a serious problem. Now, I’m all for letting little girls play superheroes and encouraging them to study and go into STEM fields. But when men’s superior physical strength and natural protective instinct go unrecognized and unappreciated because women want to be thought no different and as capable as men in everything, we are contributing to a weaker and frustrated male populace.

Talk show host Dennis Prager recently commented on a New York Times article about gender blurring in the toy industry, highlighting an important difference that their research revealed between boys and girls: boys want to destroy the bad guys, girls want to be friends with them. He believes this difference has crucial implications for the future of America as well as the world, and I agree. Please take a minute to read his thoughts.

Of course, making friends is preferable to destroying if that were practical, or possible. It worked so well for Neville Chamberlain and his “gentleman” buddy Adolf. The brute fact is there are evil people who will not be persuaded or befriended and must be destroyed for the safety of those they desire to conquer.

Which brings us to Veterans Day. Many men are being honored today for their sacrificial service in combat where they had a noble opportunity to confidently express their natural instinct to protect and defend. And I thank them. One wonders how different the outcome of the Second World War might have been if the push for a genderless society we are seeing now was all the rage back then.