Well, I’ve narrowed it down


Here’s a question for myself this morning as I wrestle with this problem of a paucity of principled presidential prospects: would a candidate with as much baggage as Hillary Clinton is carrying (and I’m not talking pantsuits) even have been nominated to represent the Democratic Party without help from the “highest-ups” and if she was a he? I don’t think so. Certainly Joe Biden would have been a safer, stronger candidate, and the highly complimentary and video “endorsement” they gave him at the Democratic convention left no doubt in my mind that the committee was preparing a backup plan in the event that enough of Clinton’s baggage spills out before the election. Maybe if he had been willing to declare himself female.

As many of us in the electorate are shaking our heads in disbelief as we consider that in a country with so much talent, wisdom, and achievement we settled on these two as our candidates for president, we are realizing that qualifications and character are no longer requirements for the highest office in the land. Our eyes are opening to the depth of corruption in our own government that accounts for the deception behind much of what is presented as untainted, transparent, honest reality. And to the honest reality that many of those who have taken on the responsibility of reporting on the government are in reality dishonest, murky, and tainted themselves.

I began this public thinking-out-loud last week in a real quandary about how or even whether to exercise my right to vote for our nation’s leader next month. But all along I’ve been very close to certain that I will not vote for Clinton. My heretofore (that’s one of the things I love about blogging…I get to use words like heretofore)…my heretofore reticence to make a firm determination has largely been because of my chronic indecisiveness desire to be completely fair and open-minded (also the strikethrough). But I have now arrived at and am embracing certainty that I cannot and will not vote for Hillary.

Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy. She has no qualms about lying for self-protection, and her calculated self-projection as the one who “goes high when they go low” and the morally-entitled representative of a nation that “is great because we are good” only accentuates her duplicity. But as unqualified as that makes her in my view, I am more so in opposition to her potential presidency because of her policies.

Hillary Clinton is arguably the most pro-abortion presidential candidate ever. I realize folks on the left cry foul when you call them pro-abortion instead of pro-choice…nobody likes abortion, they say. But Clinton’s passionate support for the procedure under any circumstances and for its primary supplier Planned Parenthood makes her head cheerleader for baby killing. And a Clinton presidency would mean our tax dollars would be helping fund the killing of innocents and any new Supreme Court justices nominated would have a pledge to protect the barbarity on their resume.

Hillary Clinton says she supports religious freedom, as long as it’s confined to where a person goes to weekly worship. But if the “free exercise thereof” conflicts with the perceived rights of those in the LGBT community, guess which right gets trampled on.

Hillary Clinton does not properly understand and appreciate the threat we face from Islamic jihadist ideology, refusing to acknowledge the connection between Islam’s founding, its history over the centuries, its scriptural mandates, and the terrorist acts being conducted all over the world. There will be more attacks in this country no matter who wins the election, but they will be greater in number and scope under Clinton because of her immigration policies and willful blindness to the danger associated with some in the name of perhaps the only religion she actively works to protect the rights of.

There’s more, and most of that is simply the Democratic Party platform, which I intend to address next time.

Her policies make her extremely undesirable as president, in my opinion, and even dangerous, for unborn babies in particular but also for the rest of us. I said that’s my primary reason for rejecting her, but with each passing day come more revelations of the unsavoriness of her character and back alley dealings, raising the level of my secondary reason to on par with my first. Pardon me ma’am, but your slip is showing…and your toiletries, medications, favorite pumps, and multiple pantsuits (does she even own a slip?).

Maybe I should start looking into Joe Biden’s policies.

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