My decision


I’m naturally skeptical but also a bit cynical. Which means when it comes to conspiracy theories I can go either way. For some reason, however, lately I’m finding them much easier to entertain than reject.

In fact, I’m inclined to propose a few of my own.

Conspiracy theory #1: After President Bill Clinton disgraced his wife and family, and the country, Hillary told him she’ll not throw him under the bus if he does whatever possible to help her win the presidency down the road.

Conspiracy theory #2: Barack Obama promised Hillary in 2008 if she’ll not hinder the DNC’s preference for his candidacy, he’ll make her Secretary of State and do whatever possible to help her win the presidency down the road.

Conspiracy theory #3: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and the DNC conspired with Joe Biden and other leading Democrats to ensure she wins the nomination and hinder any efforts threatening the possibility of her winning the presidency down the road.

And not to be too partisan because conspiracies abound…

Conspiracy theory #4: Donald Trump promised New Jersey governor Chris Christie if he’ll throw his (considerable) weight behind his candidacy, Trump will call in some favors to help Christie with “Bridgegate” and put him on his cabinet down the road.

Finally, Conspiracy theory #5: This whole election season has been scripted and recorded for a new reality TV show hosted by Obama (he looks good on camera and is gonna’ need a job), where the final episode originates from a secret location and features a shadowy figure who reveals that aliens (or the Russians) have been controlling our elections for years and our chances of ever returning to some semblance of a freely and popularly chosen president down the road are essentially nil.

Though none of these theories may be true (leaving in the possibility that one or more are), it cannot be denied that this election has been weird enough to warrant belief in a conspiracy or two…at least one per candidate. But whatever secretive machinations may have contributed to the selection and endurance of the 2016 presidential candidates, we the people must now choose between them. And though secrecy is guaranteed and desirable when it comes to our vote, I’ve decided to surrender my right to it this year, because the stakes are high.

I’m voting for Donald Trump.

donald-trump-mug_5fea106e0eb494469a75e60d8f2b18ea-nbcnews-fp-320-320But more accurately, I’m voting for the Republican candidate and the Republican Party platform and against the Democratic candidate and the Democratic Party platform. I can’t emphasize that enough. Trump the man lacks many of the qualities I would want in a president, but he represents and supports the party platform that I believe is the wiser and more righteous one. And just as importantly, there’s room for only one at the top. So if he’s in, she’s out, and her unwise and unrighteous policies and positions will not get support from the executive branch.

Some advocate voting for a third party candidate running on Republican principles who also is principled in personal character. But I believe, as many others do also, that the result of that would be…she’s in.

I elaborated on my opposition to Hillary Clinton in this recent post, as well as in a response to my brother’s worst case scenario proposition here. But for a fuller treatment of what’s at stake in this election and why a Republican can vote for Donald Trump in good conscience, I recommend this opinion piece from Dr. Wayne Grudem. Grudem, a professor of theology and biblical studies at Phoenix Seminary, wrote an article in support of Trump back in July which got a lot of traction. But after the “hot mic” recording of Trump’s crude comments came out, he withdrew his support and urged Trump to withdraw from the race. As he states in his piece, “The liberal media loved this,” and he got tons of requests for interviews, all of which he turned down. He has since written this follow-up article in which he lays out the many reasons why he will vote for Trump and not a more upstanding third-party candidate…none of which any news outlet expressed interest in hearing about. If you lean right as I do and are still on the fence, this article may help.

I respect the opinions of those who champion a third-party candidate, as well as those who support Hillary. We are a diverse electorate, but it’s possible to have unity in diversity if we have a common goal…the future of our country. Whomever ends up in the Oval Office, there’s hope as long as we the people come together for the common goal of the common good, and focus on fostering kindness, humility, and integrity in our own lives.

And doing whatever we can to protect the freedoms that make the United States of America the greatest country on earth.